Oxbox by trane


We hear the same questions time and time again: Is Trane better than American Standard? Is American Standard better than Trane? We get E-mails and calls every day from all over the country from people who are researching this exact question. So, I decided to write a detailed article explaining the distinction between the two brand names. We offer a lot more services than just air conditioning installation.

In other words, we know these machines inside and out and the differences between them because of our install volume. The only exception to that statement is the condensing unit top that comes on a few of the high-efficiency condenser models. Under the Trane name, these models are equipped with the DuraTuff top. Under the American Standard name, the DuraTuff top can be purchased at an additional cost, and field installed. Aside from that difference the rest of the equipment lineup and components are identical.

Both Trane and American Standard are manufactured in the same facility. Not only are both brands manufactured in the same facility in Tyler, Texasthey go down the same assembly line. This will be a quick read because there are only two differences:. The parent company of the Trane and American Standard brands is the manufacturing giant Ingersoll Rand.

Ingersoll Rand also owns approximately half a dozen other brands including Club Car, a well-known golf cart manufacturer. Under the agreement, Ingersoll Rand separated its Industrial segment and combined with Gardner Denver. Contractors can sell one brand or the other, but not both.

In fact, they are within a few dollars of each other model by model. The air conditioning and heating contractor dealer naturally needs to add that into their cost of goods sold. Ultimately that cost is passed on to the consumer just like any other product.

Nor does it mean the consumer pays more for that matter. Most HVAC manufacturers and distributors work on a tiered pricing model. The more equipment a contractor purchases, the lower the cost of each individual unit.

Oxbox® - a Trane® brand

So, if you assume Trane costs more than American Standard, you might be wrong…it depends on where you buy it. As a result, we have a lot of purchasing power. That purchasing power reflects how much we pay for the equipment and what we can sell it for. On the same note; we have a large vehicle fleet, offices, uniformed technicians, a training facility for our technicians, etc.Remember Me?

Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 20 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. See the banner at the top. Hot, new brand from Ingersoll Rand. Wow, what a name. Is there a tam9 or inverter compressor? Originally Posted by ksefan.

These are builders models for the track home market. You know, the subdivisions where all the houses look the same just flipped the other way. DO be aware that unlike the traditional Tranes, the those units have all the coil joints on the inside, not outside, so it involves a different manufacturing process. Remember what they say about new model cars I can do all things in him that strengthen me.

Says 10 years compressor and coil and for parts 5. Says no registration required. In aviation there is an old axiom: "never fly the "A" model of anything. Everyone walked away. Rules For Equipment Owners. How to become a Professional Member. Like Ameristar those coils won't be spine fin. Originally Posted by VTP Originally Posted by shellkamp.

The outdoor coils are actually spine fin.

Buying a new system? Discover the perfect heating and cooling system options available from RunTru.

Sent from my Moto Z 2 using Tapatalk. Attached Images. A 5 ton ac.With over years of experience in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning HVAC industry, Trane is no stranger when it comes to heating and cooling a home. In addition to HVAC services, the company also specializes in building control systems, as well as dehumidifying and air equipment.

oxbox by trane

Its equipment and systems can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Trane has been a contributor to developing air conditioning technology in the last years. Air conditioning efficiency is measured using a SEER seasonal energy efficiency ratio rating. It can be compared to measuring the miles per gallon in your car.

oxbox by trane

The rating fluctuates, like miles per gallon does, depending on how much and how fast the equipment has to operate. A higher SEER rating means greater energy efficiency. The efficiency of your system depends on the size of your home, the amount of ductwork in your home, and other variables. Trane offers residential units a warranty of years, depending on the model.

If you register your equipment within 60 days of purchase, it is extended to from five years to lifetime, depending on the product. Additional warranties to cover the costs of parts and labor are available for purchase. When shopping for an air conditioning unit, you should look at energy efficiency, SEER rating, warranty options, and cost.

An HVAC contractor can help you decide which unit is best for your situation, taking into account the size of your home, the climate you live in, and your budget. Trane has spent decades developing new technology to make its units more efficient than the competition.

Most air conditioner models offer between SEER. Considering that units before offers about 10 SEER at best, the equipment has come a long way. However, the units are often the most expensive models as well. The base warranty on a Trane air conditioner covers manufacturer defects for 1 to 20 years, depending on the model. If you register your unit within 60 days of purchase, all units offer the same year registered limited warranty on the outdoor coil and internal functional parts.

The XR models have a year registered limited warranty on the compressor, and XL units have a year warranty on the compressor. Homeowners can purchase extended warranties from Trane as well. The warranties cover both parts and labor, and are available in increments of 5, 10, or 12 years. Most installation contractors will provide a one-year warranty on parts and labor. Homeowners can purchase Trane air conditioners from many sources.A home warranty policy can provide extra protection for heating and cooling systems and often includes coverage for repair costs.

Of course that coverage comes at a cost. Whether your home warranty plan covers your current HVAC system depends on the plan you have. Be sure to research and compare plans carefully. In addition to being necessary to register for a Trane warranty, your serial number includes some vital information about your unit - if you can decipher the confusing serial number nomenclature. A Trane serial number includes:.

The model number of your new air conditioner or furnace actually tells you a lot about the features of your new system.

oxbox by trane

Get the full model number breakdown here. You can close and confirm your location on the form or view all dealers in your area. Find a Local Dealer. Call to speak with a dealer. We've got all of your warranty and registration needs covered.

oxbox by trane

Explore our warranty options, register your product or find out if your system is covered. Use our guide below to look up your serial or model number or ask your dealer for help.

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Find your serial number. Need help?

Warranty & Product Registration

Find a Dealer. Included with every Trane residential unit. Covers manufacturer defects from years depending on the product. FREE when you register your product within 60 days of installation. Purchase additional coverage on parts and labor in 5, 10 or 12 year increments. Selling our buying a house? You may be able to transfer an existing warranty.

Ask your dealer how or get more details here. More Maintenance Tips. General Warranty FAQ. How long is my warranty? Different products and parts will have different warranty term dates. In addition, the type of warranty you have can affect the length of your warranty. In general, our Base Limited Warranty will cover specified parts from years while our Registered Limited Warranty will cover specified parts from 5 years to lifetime.

What is covered under my warranty? Both our Base Limited Warranty and Registered Limited Warranty cover specific parts of your product that break because of a manufacturer defect, but does not cover the cost of labor. The Optional Extended Warranty covers the cost of both parts and labor. See our Warranty Types and Terms page for complete details.

What is Base Limited Warranty? Every Trane product that is purchased is automatically covered by our Base Limited Warranty. It covers specific parts of your product that break because of a manufacturer defect, but does not cover the cost of labor.More than 25 years of experience in the sales and services of air conditioners and refrigeration equipment, electric motors, water pumps, accessories, and electrical parts, guarantee the best option for you.

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We want to know what your needs are, write to us and our highly qualified technicians will evaluate your case to give you the best advice for your needs. Email Address. Online Store. Get a Free Estimate. Cooling Curabitur non nulla sit amet nisl tempus convallis quis ac lectus. Heating Curabitur non nulla sit amet nisl tempus convallis quis ac lectus. Other Services Mauris blandit aliquet elit, eget tincidunt nibh pulvinar a.

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All Services. Come visit us at one of the locations throughout Miami. View Products. Get Started We want to know what your needs are, write to us and our highly qualified technicians will evaluate your case to give you the best advice for your needs. Name Email Address Message Submit.Every Trane is tested to withstand the harshest conditions nature or our engineers can throw at it — like freezing conditions in our System Extreme Environmental Test SEET lab or five-inches of water an hour in our Climate Chamber.

That's how we get heating and cooling systems you can count on to run through anything. Our engineers put our units through 16 weeks of extreme heat and extreme cold, which equals five years of wear and tear in just a few months, to get a product you can count on to run through anything. We never settle, so they never stop. Looking to cut down your home heating and cooling costs? The result? Your experiences may vary.

Visit www. You can close and confirm your location on the form or view all dealers in your area. Find a Local Dealer.

Oxbox, a Trane brand - Air Handlers

Call to speak with a dealer. Time for a new system? Explore Trane Residential Products View all products. It's hard to stop a trane. Life will test it. We test it harder. Routine Maintenance. System Servicing. Emergency Assistance. It's hard to stop a Trane Life will test it. Why Trane. Improve Your Air. Browse Products. I understand these calls may be generated using automated technology and my consent does not imply or require that a purchase be made.

Still have questions? Change Service Location. Update Zip Code. Please enter a valid zip code. See all dealers. See More. Tell us what you think Please take a short survey about your experience on Trane.

Start Survey.Remember Me? Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread: Goodman vs Oxbox. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Goodman vs Oxbox Just looking for any feedback on which system is better and why. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you. Neither both builder or economy grade many times made worse by builder or economy grade contractors. Pick the best contractor you can find and pick the best system from them that you can afford.

Gustave A. Larson Company Adds Oxbox, a Trane® Brand, to Las Vegas Market

Cheap or cheaper. Oxbox is Chinese made equipment except for the furnaces, they're Mexican. Goodman is proven and if installed correctly will do you just fine. Ingersoll Rand couldn't do any better than Oxbox?

What a name for HVAC equipment.

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OXbox is what cattle are shipped in on a trane The TRUE highest cost system is the system not installed properly I am yourmrfixit. Goodman are available everywhere, parts, warranty, should be easier to get.

Even a 10 year whole furnace replacement if HX fails within the 1st 10 years on some of their furnaces. Please read this Valves, Regulators, Filters, Etc. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved.

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